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Why is it important for me as the domain holder that my e-mail address stored in the holder data is correct and whom can I contact if I find the e-mail address to be incorrect?

Since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in May 2018, DENIC no longer records an administrative contact (Admin-C) for reasons of data economy. Consequently, no contact data is available.

According to item VI of the DENIC Domain Guidelines, the domain holder is obliged to provide accurate and complete data - including an e-mail address - with the domain request.

If this obligation is not fulfilled, you as the domain holder risk the loss of your domain, as incorrect or missing data entitle DENIC to terminate the domain contract without notice. This also applies to the TRANSIT process, if no valid e-mail address has been stored that can be used for the communication between you as the domain holder and DENIC.

For storing your correct e-mail address, please contact your current provider or, if the domain is undergoing the TRANSIT process, your future provider or DENIC directly.

How can I get in touch with DENIC?

Kaiserstraße 75 -77
60329 Frankfurt am Main

e-mail: info[at]denic[dot]de

National: (069) 27 235 0
International: +49 69 27 235 0

National: (069) 27 235 235
International: +49 69 27 235 235

Our hotline is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 18:00 (CE(S)T):

National: (069) 27 235 270
International: +49 69 27 235 270

National: (069) 27 235 238
International: +49 69 27 235 238

e-mail: info[at]denic[dot]de

Do I have to pay anything for a provider transfer or deletion of my domain from TRANSIT?

Provided you complete the deletion or provider transfer from TRANSIT within the time limit set, DENIC does not charge you any fee. To find out if and how much your new provider may perhaps charge you, you must contact the provider.

What happens if my domain is in TRANSIT at DENIC and I fail to react within the set time limit?

If you failed to react within the free-of-charge TRANSIT period, you still need not be afraid of losing your domain. It will be transferred for administration by our DENICdirect service. However, from that point in time, we have to invoice you the related costs in accordance with the up-to-date DENIC Price List. Please note that the DENICdirect service does not include any technical services, such as e-mail account or web space.

I have received an invoice from DENICdirect, although I actually wanted to delete my domain when it was in TRANSIT or to arrange for it to be administered by a new provider. What can I do about it?

Even if you have already received an invoice from DENICdirect, it is possible for you to delete your domain or to transfer it to another provider. Please log in on the website with the access data you received with the invoice. There you can request a deletion or generate a provider transfer password (AuthInfo).

What is TRANSIT?

TRANSIT is a service of DENIC that ensures that you as the domain holder will not lose your domain if it is no longer administered by a provider. Even if there is no provider, your domain will not be deleted immediately and is not available for registration to anybody else while the TRANSIT procedure is running.
You as the domain holder must decide within the 4-week transit period what is going to happen with the affected domain. You have two options:

  1. Provider transfer – You want to keep the domain, i.e. transfer it to a new provider with the help of the provider transfer password (AuthInfo).
  2. Domain deletion – You definitely want to give up your position as holder of the domain.

You can submit a deletion request or generate your individual provider transfer password (AuthInfo) directly via our TRANSIT Service Center. For your access data please refer to the TRANSIT letter you received.

What do I have to do as the domain holder if my domain has been placed in TRANSIT?

If your domain is placed in TRANSIT, DENIC sends a letter to the domain holder's postal address recorded in our database. You as the domain holder must then decide within a period of 28 days what is going to happen with the affected domain. You have two options:

  1. Provider transfer – You want to keep the domain, i.e. transfer it to a new provider with the help of the provider transfer password (AuthInfo).
  2. Domain deletion – You definitely want to give up your position as holder of the domain.

You can submit a deletion request or generate your individual provider transfer password (AuthInfo) directly via our TRANSIT Service Center. Simply log in with your personal TRANSIT password we sent to you with our TRANSIT letter. You will be guided through the procedure step by step.

Does my domain remain accessible when it is going through the TRANSIT procedure?

It depends on the terms of your contract with your former provider whether or not your domain and services linked to your domain remain accessible. DENIC has no information about this. Please contact your former provider directly for answers to these questions.

What are the consequences for my domain if it is in TRANSIT?

You remain the domain holder of a domain that is in TRANSIT because the domain contract with DENIC you have concluded simultaneously with the provider contract remains valid. A domain going through the TRANSIT procedure stays registered in your name. There is no need to worry that your domain will be deleted simply because you don't have a valid provider contract. The additional services that you used to get from your former provider (such as webspace for a homepage) will probably no longer be available with the termination of the contract or will only remain available for a short period of time. To find out the details, please contact your former provider.

However, you cannot afford to do nothing. Within the period of 4 weeks mentioned in the TRANSIT letter, you must either have transferred your domain to a new provider or deleted the domain. If you don't do either of these things, your domain will be transferred for administration to our DENICdirect service, and you will have to pay the corresponding charges in accordance with DENIC's current price list.

I have received an invoice from DENIC. Why?

There are several reasons why you might have received an invoice from DENIC:

  1. You requested our DENICdirect service to register a domain or to carry out a provider transfer.
  2. DENICdirect is already administering your domain and you have received an invoice for the annual servicing fee.
  3. Your domain was going through the TRANSIT procedure and you neither deleted nor transferred your domain to another provider during the free-of-charge TRANSIT period. To make sure that you will not lose your domain, it was transferred to the at-cost service of DENICdirect.

How did my domain get into TRANSIT?

Because your provider stopped administering your domain. This happens if either you yourself or your provider terminates your mutual contractual relationship. Potential reasons are the termination of a website or an e-mail service. However, we do not know any details. If you have any questions on this matter, please contact your former provider.

Your domain will also be placed in TRANSIT if a DISPUTE entry was made on your behalf and you become the new domain holder after the deletion of the domain.

What is the legal background of TRANSIT?

Who wants to register a domain, normally turns to a provider and places a registration order. The provider is the link between the end customer and DENIC, the central registry that administers all .de domains. This means, you enter into two contractual relationships when you register a domain:
First, there is the domain contract your provider concludes with DENIC on your behalf. It is governed by DENIC's  Domain Guideline and its Domain Terms and Conditions. Second, there is the provider contract you conclude directly with your provider, which includes the maintenance and servicing of the domain as well as the other domain-related services you have agreed upon. Thus, you have a contractual relationship with DENIC for every domain you hold.
As long as your domain is administered by a provider, your duty to pay domain charges to DENIC is suspended, as laid down in § 4 (2) of the DENIC Domain Terms and Conditions because your provider handles everything on your behalf. If your provider ceases to administer your domain, the contract with DENIC nevertheless stays in force and your duty to pay fees to DENIC is reactivated.

Why does DENIC insist on particular forms for our communication?

DENIC provides forms for many transactions. That makes the job easier for both you and us. All you have to do is print out the forms and complete them. This way DENIC can be sure it will receive the declarations needed. Clarifications become unnecessary and delays are avoided.

The reason why DENIC asks you to send in the provided forms signed by you or your legal representative is to prevent misunderstandings at some later date.

Why is my e-mail rejected by DENIC?

Please understand that we do not accept e-mails in the following cases for security reasons:

  • The address of the e-mail recipient is invalid. Please check the recipient's address on typing errors. You find valid e-mail addresses of DENIC eG on our contact page.
  • The e-mail exceeds the size limit. Please check if your e-mail contains large file attachments and/or if the file attachments can be compressed or split into several e-mails.
  • The e-mail is identified as spam. Please check the content of your e-mail and notify your system administrator.
  • The e-mail contains a virus. Please check the content of your e-mail and notify your system administrator.

If the DENIC mail server rejects an e-mail for any of the aforementioned reasons, it will communicate this to the mail server of the sender. Whether you as the sender receive a delivery error notification to your inbox depends on the configuration of your mail server. If you are not sure about this, please contact your system administrator.