Our Members: A Strong Community

DENIC is a registered cooperative comprised of about 300 members. These members are companies and organisations which offer a multitude of Internet services to their customers. Next to the core service of domain registration, they make available a range of different service packages. The services provided vary depending on the business purpose of the member offering them.

There are members – or registrars – who offer mainly webspace and hosting combined with various marketing services, others put a special focus on brand protection. The service portfolios further include infrastructure, security or system administration. Domain registration for investment purposes and resale is another field in which some of the DENIC members have specialised.

Despite their different orientations or precisely because of them our members are a strong community that has shaped the Internet over the last decades and continues to do so. The interaction of different ideas and interests at eye level can thus create solutions that move the entire Internet community forward.

Proven Core Elements: Self-Administration and Participation

Ever since our Cooperative was founded back in 1996, the number of members has been increasing continuously. This shows impressively that the model of self-administration and organisation as a cooperative works well. It is in line with the open structures of the Internet, which is based on the principles of decentralised distribution of responsibilities and resources. Self-regulation and the balance between the stakeholders are the two pillars on which this system is built.

Our members have far-reaching influence and can contribute extensively to the shaping of the Cooperative, e.g. by exercising their voting rights in the General Assembly. They can get involved in the development of products and technical solutions by bringing in their ideas in various bodies and dialogue formats.

Any natural or legal person who offers .de domains can become a member of the DENIC Cooperative. New members are cordially welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a DENIC member, read the related information on our website.

List of DENIC Members