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2019 DENIC Domain Statistics


Each year, the German domain map provided by DENIC clearly illustrates the geographic distribution and the per capita ratio of .de domains.

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What's New

News DENIC ist aktiver Mitgestalter der europäischen Dateninfrastruktur GAIA-X

Im Rahmen des von Deutschland und Frankreich initiierten Projekts GAIA-X zur Schaffung einer europäischen Dateninfrastruktur wirkt DENIC an der Gestaltung der Anforderungen und Designs einer föderierten digitalen Identitätslösung mit.

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Press Release ICANN69: Meeting Online Instead of in Hamburg

ICANN69 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place as an online event from 17-22 October 2020

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Press Release DENIC Makes Use of Newly Registered .de Domains Possible within Five Minutes

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Press Release IG Radar: DENIC Information Platform Explains Internet Governance Processes

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News Security Initiative Successful at CENTR Awards

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16.480.565 .de domains are currently registered

+808 Change yesterday

-346 Change today