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DENIC Report 2019/2020

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2019 Domain Statistics

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Press Release DENIC Report 2019/2020: Essential Contribution to the Well-Functioning of an ever more Digital Society

An extensive overview of DENIC’s past and future activities to ensure continuous and secure operation of .de – Internet usage in Germany substantially up due to the coronavirus situation

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News DENIC among Active Contributors to the European Data Infrastructure GAIA-X

Within the framework of the GAIA-X project initiated by Germany and France to create a European data infrastructure, DENIC is actively involved in shaping the requirements and the design of a federated digital identity solution.

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Press Release ICANN69: Meeting Online Instead of in Hamburg

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Press Release DENIC Makes Use of Newly Registered .de Domains Possible within Five Minutes

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Press Release IG Radar: DENIC Information Platform Explains Internet Governance Processes

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16.516.714 .de domains are currently registered

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