Statutory Bodies and Councils

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of the Cooperative. It is held annually in the first half of the calendar year. The General Assembly is a physical meeting of all DENIC members. Here, the Cooperative makes all fundamental policy decisions.

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board supports, advises and monitors the Executive Board in its management activities. It is elected for three-year terms by the General Assembly. The present members of the Supervisory Board are Daniel Rink (Chairman), Oliver Elste, Stephan Hageleit, Marco Hoffmann, and Christian Müller.

The Supervisory Board of DENIC eG: Stephan Hageleit, Daniel Rink (Chairperson), Marco Hoffmann, Christian Müller, Oliver Elste (from left to right)

Executive Board
The Executive Board runs the Cooperative under its own responsibility in accordance with the law and the DENIC Statutes. It ensures the proper and reliable performance of the Cooperative's services for the members. The Executive Board is composed of two full-time members, who are appointed by the Supervisory Board, and two honorary members, who are elected by the General Assembly. The present members of the Executive Board are Thomas Keller, Martin Küchenthal, Andreas Musielak, and Sebastian Röthler.

The Executive Board of DENIC eG: Andreas Musielak, Thomas Keller, Martin Küchenthal, Sebastian Röthler (from left to right)

Technical Advisory Council
The Technical Advisory Council advises DENIC in matters relating to the further development of technical processes. It was founded to involve our members into technical developments at an early stage and to enable us to serve their needs and those of their customers in the best possible way. The members of the Technical Advisory Council are representatives from our member companies. They are appointed by the Executive Board. At present, the Technical Advisory Council is composed of seven members.

Structure of DENIC