ENUM Domains

Registration and Update

If you wish to register an ENUM domain, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Registration

Request a provider who offers ENUM domains to handle your registration (List of ENUM Members). 

The name service, through which the communication entries are determined, may either be requested from a DENIC memberhttps://www.denic.de/en/member-list/ or any other provider, or you can do this job yourself.

Registration as an ENUM domain is only possible for those domains that correspond to geographic telephone numbers (all numbers with German area dialling codes), mobile numbers within the (0)15, (0)16 and (0)17 ranges, national numbers ((0)32), national free phone (toll-free) numbers ((0)800), personal telephone numbers ((0)700) or service numbers ((0)18).

Before you place your domain registration request, you should be familiar with the ENUM Domain Guidelines. These contain the rules that apply for ENUM domains under 9.4.e164.arpa. A domain contract with DENIC can only be concluded if all the conditions laid down there have been fulfilled.

The provisions applicable to the domain contract are summarised in the ENUM Domain Terms and Conditions. These describe and explain the rights and obligations of domain holders and DENIC.

Step 2: Correct User Data

In order to register an ENUM domain, you must be the legitimate user of the corresponding E.164 telephone number. You have to provide accurate and complete data.

Inform your provider without delay of any changes to your domain data or in case you cease to be the legitimate holder of the telephone number. With the registration of the domain, you have undertaken to keep your domain data always correct and up to date. Inaccurate data entitles DENIC to terminate the domain registration contract. The correctness of your data is validated at regular intervals.

If the annual revalidation procedure reveals that your data is not up to date, the ENUM domain registration will not be renewed and the domain will be deleted.

Updating the Data of an ENUM Domain

We only accept UPDATE requests for domain or personal data from the DENIC member administering the ENUM domain at the time.