.de Domains

Updating Domain Data

As the holder of your domain, you are responsible for making sure that the domain data is always correct and up to date. Please inform your provider without delay of any changes that may occur. Note: Inaccurate data entitles DENIC to terminate the registration contract. We will only accept a request to update domain data if it is submitted by the DENIC member who administers the domain at the time.

This ensures that

  • The data is collected and coordinated at a single location.
  • The data is protected against manipulation and misuse by third parties.
  • The technical implications, for instance if name server data has to be changed, will be taken care of, without you as the domain holder needing to do anything.

Please use our domain query after every update to make sure that the data is correct by entering your postal code or your e-mail address in the form field that is displayed. If your entry matches the data recorded in the DENIC database you will receive an e-mail containing a link to the reqested data. Please note that the validity of the link is limited.