Registering a .de Domain

.de domains are for all: Whether you are a private individual, an association, a small business or a corporate group, whether you are at home in Germany or abroad - .de domains are open for registration to all.

Start your online presence with a .de domain!

What to consider and how to obtain your .de domain in 4 simple steps is explained here:

  • Choose a Domain
  • Check Availability
  • Choose a Provider
  • Register your domain

Step 1: Choose a Domain

Each domain can only exist once under a TLD. To check whether your domain of choice is still available, you can use our whois service.

When choosing a name, please bear in mind:

  • The minimum length is one character
  • The maximum length is 63 characters
  • All letters of the Latin alphabet, the digits from 0 to 9, the hyphen - as well as all 93 characters of the list for internationalised domains (IDNs) are allowed
  • The first character, the last character, the third AND the fourth character must not be hyphens

For details, see DENIC's Domain Guidelines.

Step 2: Check Availlability

Every domain can exist just once. So please use our whois service to check if your domain of choice is still availlable.

Step 3: Choose a Provider

Your domain of choice is still available? Then choose a provider to handle the registration for you. Usually, providers offer domain registration as part of a package, along with other services. In addition, they will ensure the technical accessibility of your domain.

These service packages can vary between providers, and so can their prices.

If you prefer not to register your domain via a provider, you can also register your domain via our DENICdirect Service. Please note that domain administration via DENICdirect does neither include Internet access nor any web space. To be able to use your domain, that is to create a homepage, receive and send e-mails etc., you must either have the necessary technical infrastructure yourself or you will have to rely on the assistance of an Internet service provider.

In order to choose a provider, you can refer to our List of Members.

Step 4: Register your domain

For your registration to be successful, please bear in mind that:

  • When you register a domain, you conclude a contract. For this reason, you must
  • Have legal capacity, that is the capacity to be the subject of rights and obligations AND
  • Be fully capable of entering into legal transactions, otherwise you have to be effectively represented
  • The data of the domain holder must be correct and complete
  • You are responsible to make sure that your domain does not violate any third-party rights such as name or trademark rights.

Place the order for registration of the desired .de domain with the provider of your choice. Whichever provider you may have chosen, the actual process of registering your domain will always be carried out by DENIC. Therefore, DENIC's Domain Terms and Conditions will apply.

Your provider will submit your registration request to our registration system, where the request will be processed. The registration of .de domains is handled strictly on a "first come, first served" basis. The decisive question is which domain request is written to DENIC’s database first. If the domain you have chosen has not yet been registered by any other party and all other prerequisites in accordance with DENIC's Domain Guidelines have been met, we will carry out the request. Your provider will then be sent a confirmation of the successful registration.

As a general rule, your domain will be available for online use within a few minutes after registration.