Information Security at DENIC

Daniel KremerHead of Information Security

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Protection of Information and Data

Protecting all data processed at DENIC is an integral part of our activities which ensures at all levels that

  • Confidentiality is maintained;
  • Integrity is safeguarded;
  • Information is available on demand;
  • Processing is clearly traceable and cannot be denied (accountability);
  • Authenticity, reliability and attributability of an information is guaranteed at any time and can be verified;
  • Statutory, contractual and regulatory obligations are met.

Compliant to Standards

To use this toolkit as effectively as possible, DENIC runs a certified management system. All elements that are essential to ensuring an appropriate level of security and a business continuity management are combined in an integrated approach and implemented in accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS and ISO 22301:2020 BCMS, throughout the entire organisation.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate for Download

ISO 22301:2020 Certificate for Download

Security at DENIC

DENIC is responsible for a resource of outstanding importance for the function of the Internet in Germany. Security and stability of present and future DENIC services must be protected against increasing risks and an ever growing potential threat.

Key Part of our Strategy

Accordingly, the task of appropriately safeguarding information security plays a key role, which is perfectly in line with DENIC's general strategic orientation.

Holistic Approach

In order to sustainably ensure comprehensive information security, we rely on a holistic approach. We have implemented a secure, effective and efficient toolkit composed of a wide range of coordinated measures.