Corpus Christi - Office Hours

Due to the regional public holiday Corpus Christi, 08 June 2023, the DENIC is closed.

On Friday, 09 June 2023, we are available again during regular business hours.


How to Update Domain Data

Changes to the the Domain data of domains with .de Registry Lock ― of so-called locked domains ― can only become effective and are entered in the DENIC database after prior approval by the Lock Contact.

Confirmation Process

  • The domain holder submits the request for the change to the domain data to their provider.
  • The provider sends the change request to DENIC.
  • DENIC checks the request, sends the security token to the Lock Contact and asks for confirmation of the request.
  • The Lock Contact confirms the changes. The domain is updated.
  • The Lock Contact and the provider are informed accordingly via e-mail.
  • If the Lock Contact does not confirm the change request within seven calendar days, the request is discarded.