.de Registry Lock:
The Security Plus for .de Domains

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.de Registry Lock – An Introduction

For companies, self-employed persons or private individuals alike, the own domain usually is the precious core of their online presence. Today more than ever, cyber attacks, domain hijacking or security holes are a real risk and who wants to make sure that their domain is particularly protected against unwanted manipulation, can now do so with ".de Registry Lock".

The security feature gives the domain holder full control over changes to their domain data,  because these may change over time: The holder data as such may change, for instance because the holder has moved, or new name servers to provide access to the content of the website may be entered for the domain or the provider administering the domain must be adjusted due to a provider transfer. The approval for such changes is given by the so-called Lock Contact. The role of the Lock Contact can be assumed either by the domain holder themselves or by a person they trust. The Lock Contact controls any changes to the domain data and actively approves them. It is not possibly to edit any data without the prior consent of the Lock Contact. Thus, the Lock Contact has full control and the domain is equipped with an additional protection.

The Players

The Provider


The provider is the contact point of the domain holder for all actions related to .de Registry Lock. The provider makes available the specific forms for requesting the setup of a .de registry lock, an update of domain data or a change to the lock contact and forwards them to DENIC for processing.

Lock Contact


The Lock Contact is the point of contact for all changes that shall be made to the domain data. When DENIC receives a request via the provider to change the domain data, DENIC sends the release token to the mobile number of the Lock Contact and an e-mail to the e-mail address stored for this purpose. If the Lock Contact confirms the request to DENIC by stating the token, the change is authorised and implemented. If the Lock Contact does not confirm the change request within seven calendar days, the request is discarded.



DENIC checks the requests submitted by the member for setting up, changing or removing the .de Registry Lock and the change requests for the data of a locked domain. If the check fails, the request is not executed but returned to the provider. If the check is successful, DENIC requests the Lock Contact to confirm the action to be performed. Once the action has been duly authorised, the domain is updated and the Lock Contact and the provider are informed accordingly.

.de Registry Lock - How it Works

Update Lock Contact &
Removal .de Registry Lock

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