Coronavirus lockdown in Germany: DENIC support service remains available

The DENIC support staff currently works mainly on a mobile basis, but stays available to you as usual also during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. We kindly ask you to send us your service requests preferably by e-mail instead of using fax or post. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


How to Update the Lock Contact

Since the Lock Contact must authorise any change to a locked domain, it is mandatory that the contact can be reached anytime under the data stored in the DENIC database. Thus, this information must always be kept up-to-date. If any details of the contact data, such as e-mail or phone number of the Lock Contact, change they must be updated immediately. It may also happen that the domain holder wishes to appoint another person as new Lock Contact.

To initiate an update of the Lock Contact, the domain holder will send the request to their provider. Once the request has been transmitted to DENIC and successfully checked by DENIC, the changes are stored in the DENIC database.

The domain holder, the Lock Contact ― in case of a change of the Lock Contact both the former and the new contact ― and the provider are informed by e-mail.

How to Remove the .de Registry Lock

If the domain holder wants to remove an existing .de Registry Lock of their domain(s), the domain holder will contact their provider. The process for removing a .de Registry Lock is analogous to that of setting up a lock. The provider passes the request on to DENIC.

The domain holder, the Lock Contact and the provider are informed by e-mail of the removal  of the .de Registry Lock.