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Statistics About .de

Statistics of 2005

Top 20 Cities and Districts with the Most Domains

Top 20 Cities and Regions with the Most Domains

2Hamburg 350,542Hamburg311,736
3Munich 316,447Munich 281,859
4Cologne    202,501Cologne    181,422
5Dusseldorf146,148Hanover Area132,821
6Hanover Area144,850Dusseldorf124,681
7Frankfurt am Main 127,392Frankfurt am Main115,893
8Stuttgart 105,111Stuttgart 91,943
9Nuremberg 90,698Nuremberg 78,682
11Rhine-Sieg, rural district73,638Rhine-Sieg, rural district65,253
12Munich, rural district71,533Munich, rural district64,450
13Essen   68,053Essen    59,179
14Leipzig66,702Neuss, rural district58,207
15Mettmann, rural district64,845Mettmann, rural district57,657
18Esslingen, rural district 62,886Esslingen, rural district 55,693
20Rhine-Neckar, rural district59,436Rhine-Neckar, rural district53,469

Excel spreadsheet with data of all cities and districts in Germany.

Place of residence of domain holders from outside Germany

At the end of 2005, 159,257 .de domains were registered for holders not domiciled in Germany. The graph shows how they are distributed over the various countries in the world.