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DENIC CEO Dr. Jörg Schweiger New Representative of Country Code TLDs in ICANN's NomCom

At the public ICANN meeting in Dublin in October, DENIC CEO Dr. Jörg Schweiger was appointed member of ICANN’s Nominating Committee (NomCom), to act as the representative of the group of country code Top Level Domain managers (country code Names Supporting Organisation, ccNSO). NomCom tasks include filling key positions of ICANN's governing bodies. DENIC’s involvement within NomCom continues its consistent strategy of exerting ongoing influence on the further development of the Internet and on essential strategic decisions within the ICANN ecosystem.

Award for Excellent Security: DENIC Wins CENTR Award 2015

In the second edition of the Awards granted by the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR), the international jury selected DENIC as the winner in the Security category.

DENIC Supports Additional Cryptographic Algorithms for DNSSEC Domains under .de

Striving to boost the use of DNSSEC and endeavouring to support cryptography based on elliptic curves (ECC), DENIC has extended its DNS Predelegation Check software (NAST) by the algorithms ECDSA and GOST. Providing the same level of security, the keys and signatures used with ECC are much shorter than those required for the currently prevailing RSA algorithm.

Welcome to DENIC eG!

DENIC is the central registry for all domains under the Top Level Domain .de and thus responsible for managing and operating an  essential resource for a reliable German Internet. In addition to providing an automatic electronic registration system for administering .de domains, DENIC operates  a network of name servers geographically dispersed all over the world that ensures 24x7 availability to more than 16 million .de domains globally. Together with its members, DENIC thus tackles a demanding technical task.

In October 2014, DENIC has taken another step towards sustainable security by having its information and security management system (ISMS) certified in accordance with the provisions of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard through the German certification body TÜV Nord.

The DENIC website shall help you to get a better grasp of DENIC and of what domain management means. Here you find detailed information about the registration and administration of .de domains, fundamental procedures, like changing providers or the TRANSIT scheme as well as about ENUM, the bridge from telecommunications to the Internet.

If you want to learn more about domain administration, go to the Background section. Here you find all types of information related to domains, information on how the Domain Name System (DNS) works and where DENIC's name servers are located as well as comprehensive statistics and charts demonstrating the development of .de domains.

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