Coronavirus lockdown in Germany: DENIC support service remains available

The DENIC support staff currently works mainly on a mobile basis, but stays available to you as usual also during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. We kindly ask you to send us your service requests preferably by e-mail instead of using fax or post. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


DENIC Makes Use of Newly Registered .de Domains Possible within Five Minutes


Incremental zone generation makes new registrations or changes to domain data globally available in next to no time

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To enable .de domains in the Internet to be used even faster, DENIC, the managing organisation and central registry of all domains under the country code .de, has introduced an optimised technical procedure. Thanks to this procedure, changes to domain data or newly registered .de domains entering DENIC's domain database are provided on the Internet within just a few minutes. The effects of quicker availability in the .de zone and thus in the underlying infrastructure of the Domain Name System (DNS) will benefit, in particular, new applicants and end users of .de domains making changes to domain data, such as a change to the name server entries.

Markedly less time between registration and use

The correct entry in the .de zone is the basic prerequisite for a domain to be available worldwide on the Internet. Before the domain is connected, as this process is called, it has to be registered, which is usually done via an Internet service provider (ISP), and all necessary technical details must be entered in the .de domain database. The entries are made via DENIC's fully automatic real-time registration system.

Updates every minute instead of every hour

The new zone generation procedure will further reduce the time lapse between registration and availability for worldwide use. The process of hourly zone updates by means of a large zone file used so far is now replaced by updates of smaller increments that are made every minute.