More .de Domains Than Ever Before: 17-Million Mark Cracked!


The 17th million domain with the ending .de was registered on 13 July 2021. The name of the milestone domain:

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The domain holder, who is specialised in creating individual gifts, intends to set up a little online shop and a blog next to the website under the domain: "For my new online presence I have chosen the motto "Favourite things for every day". I think there's nothing better than gifts that are used in everyday life – it's a little reminder of the giver every time you pick them up. And I also add a personal message from you if you wish," says Melanie Baumgardt. "Handicrafts, especially embroidery and sewing, have always fascinated me. In 2014, I turned my hobby into a profession, and with my new website I can now present myself even more professionally online – true to my own ideas." Until the new web presence is established, you can get a glimpse of her creations on Instagram.

Melanie Baumgardt is not alone in opting for a .de domain: Every month, an average of more than 30,000 domains are registered with DENIC. A .de domain is the preferred choice of private individuals, self-employed persons, medium-sized companies or international groups that are active in Germany.

Each domain can only exist once. The data of all .de domains that are already registered converge in a central register at DENIC. DENIC is the central registry that is responsible for the administration of all domains with the ending .de, the country code for Germany.

From 0 to 17 Million: .de is One of the World's Largest Country Codes on the Internet

Back in 1986, when the technical foundations for .de were laid, no one would have expected such a history of success. Two years later, the list of .de domains did not include more than six entries, which had been entered manually. But this list started growing at an increasing pace, and about a decade later, the time was ripe to create a sustainable basis for domain registration and administration: At the end of 1996, 37 German Internet service providers founded the DENIC Cooperative. By this time, about 50,000 addresses had been registered already. Three years later, this number had risen to one million, with many more following soon.

Interest in .de domains continues to be immense: To have one's own Internet presence is quite attractive to Germans. Today, in terms of figures, nearly every fifth citizen has a .de domain. And the popularity of .de domains does not stop at German borders: Almost 1.5 million of them are registered in the name of holders residing outside Germany.

What started really small about 35 years ago has grown into one of the largest country codes worldwide – thanks to DENIC's members – around 300 – that are committed to offering an excellent service to end customers. You would like to learn more about the landmarks of our 35 years of history? Have look at "The DENIC History".