News | 15.08.2018

ID4me: A New Single Sign-On Standard for Web Applications Enabling Fully User-Controlled Data Sovereignty

ID4me AISBL is a non-profit organization in foundation providing an open federated protocol for digital identity management on the Internet. On the occasion of the first ID4me Summit on 14 August 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, the initiative announced a number of new members and supporters.

Jörg Schweiger, DENIC CEO and ID4me founding board member who had invited ID4me to host its Summit at DENIC’s headquarters, welcomed 60+ attendees representing a broad mix of regional and global Internet players.

Internet legend and ID4me Chairman Andreas Gauger, who co-founded the first hosting company in Germany, introduced the reasons why he supports the ID4me initiative: “ID4me is open, anyone can join. It’s privacy friendly, secure, easy to implement, and the user truly owns his or her ID instead of some large corporation.” Rafael Laguna, Open-Xchange CEO and ID4me founding board member, added: “The mission I am on is to keep the Internet free and open.”

During the ID4me Summit Sven Woltmann, CTO of Fonpit AG/ AndroidPIT provided an imposing live implementation of ID4me during his presentation “ID4me Implementation Lesson” in less than 30 minutes.

Alexander Mayrhofer, Head of R&D at, provided a thorough market overview of Blockchains & Identity management. Thomas Keller, Director Domain Services at 1&1 Internet SE and founding board member of ID4me, continued by describing why ID4me is carefully observing the Blockchains movement while today’s Blockchain solutions cannot compete with the scalability and benefits of the DNS (Domain Name System), i. e. the Internet’s identifier technology which is ID4me’s underlying infrastructure.

Also, ID4me is proud to announce eco – Association of the Internet Industry has officially agreed to be a supporter. With the Domain Name Association, eco and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), three of the leading Internet associations are now supporting ID4me.

About ID4me
ID4me AISBL (in foundation) is a non-profit organization, establishing an open, federated protocol for digital identity management on the Internet. The founding members of ID4me are 1&1 Internet SE, DENIC eG and Open-Xchange AG. Since launching its prototype in early 2018, further members and supporters including connect2id, the Domain Name Association, dotBerlin, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), Merge Conference, Nominet, Univention and XignSys have joined the initiative.

ID4me stands for an open Internet providing a global, open, federated, secure and privacy- friendly Single Sign-On approach. ID4me is domain-based, using the Internet’s hierarchical naming system DNS as its underlying identifier technology.

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