25 Years of DENIC eG


The DENIC Forest Continues to Grow …

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A special occasion deserves special actions – and a twin jubilee certainly belongs into that category. The German country code .de turns 35 this year, and the DENIC Cooperative celebrates its 25th anniversary.

In November, DENIC gave the starting signal for the "DENIC Forest" with 350 trees. Now the story continues. On the occasion of its 25th birthday, the Cooperative donates another 250 English oaks for the state forest "Hessen Forst" near Frankfurt. But this is not all. Key to the consistent growth of .de into a recognised domain ending for a wide range of application fields that has been operated reliably by DENIC for a quarter of a century is the contribution of the DENIC members and the DENIC staff. DENIC wants to honour this commitment and will give a young English oak to each member and each employee for Christmas this year. They will complement the DENIC forest and make it grow to more than 1,000 trees – a beautiful contribution to afforesting a sound mixed wood. This way, DENIC supports diversity not only in the digital but also in the real world.