News | 10.10.2018

100,000 DNSSEC domains registered under .de!

DENIC has been supporting the security feature DNSSEC since 2011. Starting from 2015, the growth curve of .de domains with this extended security has become increasingly steeper. The first jump into the six-figure range shows the growing interest in a secure Internet, to which DENIC is constantly committed.

DNSSEC is a security measure that ensures the authenticity and integrity of data in the DNS (Domain Name System). In particular, the security extension serves to protect the content data against modification on the transmission path.

A central component of this security mechanism is the so-called "trust anchor" of the DNS. This anchor that applies for the global DNS and falls within the responsibility of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will be replaced with a new one for the first time on 11 October 2018.

For domain holders, this replacement does not involve a need to do anything. Only the operators of validating resolvers should make sure they use the new trust anchor, which, in the vast majority of cases will probably be ensured by using the most recent, stabile software versions. ICANN provides details on the replacement of the anchor at:

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