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The DENIC Domain Query and whois Service

DENIC offers two different information services:

  • The domain query on our website (Web-whois); and
  • A command-line interface, the so-called Public-whois.

The DENIC Domain Query (Web-whois)

You can use the DENIC domain query to obtain data on the domain holder and the administrative contact of the domain (Admin-C) or technical details of the domain records. You find the domain query on the top right of our website.

The DENIC system offers you the option to obtain a signed output of a domain's holder data in response to a whois query.

DENIC's Public-whois Service

Via DENIC's public-whois service you can obtain any information on a domain except for the domain holder and the administrative contact. You find a detailed description of all functionalities in the document DENIC 12p - Public-whois.