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DISPUTE  Assistant

The following online-DISPUTE form serves as a template for creating a DISPUTE for a .de domain name.  Please print the filled-in application and send the signed printout accompanied by the required legal proof to the Legal Department of DENIC eG by post:

Kaiserstraße 75 - 77
60329 Frankfurt am Main


Important: Please note that the following online-DISPUTE application form only serves for simplified data recording. A DISPUTE application must be submitted in writing and bear a legally binding signature. Consequently, a DISPUTE application is not processed until DENIC's Legal Department has received the original document (submission by fax or e-mail is not acceptable and thus not necessary). Please be further aware that only second level domains (like can bear a DISPUTE entry. Third level domains (like in contrast are not administered by DENIC, and DENIC can thus not place a DISPUTE on them.