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.de Domains

Holder Change

When a domain changes holder this means that the current domain holder gives up their position as holder of the domain. A new holder takes their place. The current holder cancels the existing domain contract and a new domain contract is concluded between the future holder and DENIC.

There are two options to transfer a .de domain to a new holder:

  • The provider who currently administers the domain performs the domain transfer: Both the previous and the future holder of the domain request the provider to change the domain details.
  • The domain is transferred within the scope of a provider transfer. This is done in three steps:

    1. The current domain holder requests their provider to register a provider transfer password (AuthInfo) for the domain concerned.
    2. The current domain holder communicates this password to the future domain holder.
    3. The future domain holder communicates the password to the provider of their choice. This provider then carries out the provider transfer using the password and, simultaneously, executes the holder transfer.

Note: A holder change cannot be performed, if the domain bears a DISPUTE entry.