Coronavirus lockdown in Germany: DENIC support service remains available

The DENIC support staff currently works mainly on a mobile basis, but stays available to you as usual also during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. We kindly ask you to send us your service requests preferably by e-mail instead of using fax or post. Thank you very much for your cooperation.



Our Members: A Strong Community

The members of DENIC are companies and organisations that offer Internet services to their customers, particularly the administration of domains. Ever since our Cooperative was founded back in 1996, the number of members has been increasing continuously. This shows impressively that the model of self-administration and organisation as a cooperative works well. It is in line with the open structures of the Internet, which is based on the principles of decentralised distribution of responsibilities and resources. Self-regulation and the balance between the stakeholders are the two pillars on which this system is built.

Our members have far-reaching influence and can contribute extensively to the shaping of the Cooperative, e. g. by exercising their voting rights in the General Assembly. Only members can directly access the electronic registration system. Therefore, providers who offer the registration of domains and are not members themselves always rely on the cooperation with a DENIC member. Membership in the Cooperative is open to all natural persons or legal entities administering .de domains.

New members are always welcome. If you are interested in becoming a DENIC member, please refer to the section "Information for Membership Application".

List of DENIC Members