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You find more detailed information on the use of cookies and how to deactivate Google Analytics' recording of your visit to our website in our Data Privacy Statement.


Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy shall apply to all websites and services that are made available via the DENIC website and that are operated by DENIC.

By visiting and using the DENIC website, you automatically consent to cookies being used and stored.

DENIC's website and services use so-called cookies at various places. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the temporary store of the web browser or on the hard disk of the user visiting the website or on any other device of the user suited to call up websites, for the purpose of technical session control and visitor identification. Normally, cookies contain information about the website that was visited as well as about the purpose and useful life, i. e. the period for which the cookie will stay on your device.

Cookies help to make DENIC's Internet services more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Cookies serve to recognise visitors when they revisit the website and thus help to make available specific functions or to prepare statistics. The use of cookies can be restricted or even be fully suppressed. However, this may have an impact on the functionality of the website or of individual services.

The following cookies are used by DENIC:

DENIC uses session cookies for all sections of the website that require the user to enter data, such as logins or online forms. These include for instance the DISPUTE online assistant, NAST, TRANSIT or the complete member section including the services provided here, such as RAI or RRI. The cookies are stored only for the duration of a session. When the session is ended or the browser is closed, the cookies are deleted (provided the user has defined the related settings accordingly).

In addition, a permanent cookie is installed in the browser, once the user has accepted the disclaimer on the use of cookies. The notification informing about cookies being used will only be displayed again after the user has deleted the cookies.

Third Party Cookies:

No third party cookies are installed via the websites of DENIC.

Opt-Out Possibilities and the Consequences

Users can decline cookies by defining specific browser settings. Normally, you can also choose default settings for your web browser that will make sure that no cookies are stored when you visit our website until you have given your consent. Moreover, visitors to our website always have the possibility to delete cookies that have been set. You will find detailed information about the required default settings in the product descriptions or instructions of the respective browser manufacturers.