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We are .de

All domains ending with .de are registered with us. We are the central registry of all domains under the country code .de. This means that we administer the register of all .de domains and thus ensure that each domain exists only once. Thanks to this register, you can access websites directly by simply entering the "name" - we then assign it to the corresponding IP address.

With more than 17 million domains, we run one of the largest Internet endings or "Top Level Domains" in the world. We also ensure registration and operation of the German ENUM domains under .9.4.e164.arpa - the counterpart of domains for telephone numbers.

We are a cooperative with around 300 members. Our member companies and organisations offer their customers Internet services and register and administer .de domains for them. Our Cooperative was founded in 1996 and its head office is in Frankfurt am Main.

Strong and Committed: Together for the Internet Community

All our activities are guided by the fundamental principles of our Cooperative, which are laid down in our Statutes. We

  • Work on a not-for-profit basis
  • Provide important services for the benefit of not only the German, but the global Internet community
  • Are committed to a free Internet, which is open to everyone
  • Are actively involved in shaping the further evolution of the Internet by participating in international bodies
  • Act independently, responsibly and free from discrimination, in line with international standards for domain registries.

Popular and Familiar: .de Is Number 1 in Germany

In Germany, .de is the uncontested leader in terms of popularity. One in six Germans has a .de domain. Moreover, anyone who wants to be active on the German markets via the Internet preferably combines their names with .de, relying on the trust Internet users have in the brand .de.

For this reason, .de domains are also in high demand internationally: Almost 1.7 million .de domains are registered for holders who are domiciled outside Germany.