Explanation of the output-fields of whois

All information following below refers to the domain named here.

Latest update:
The date given here indicates the last time a record for this domain was changed in the data base.

Domain holder:
The Domain Holder is DENIC's contractual partner and thus holds the material rights to the domain.

The name of the contact.

The keyword 'Organisation' designates an optional address component of a domain contact. In the case of an individual, this field can be used to specify the organization, (for example a company) this person is associated with. In no case, is the institution specified by the keyword 'Organisation' the holder of the domain concerned.

Here the street and house number, and in some cases other address components, are given.

Postal code:
This field contains the postal code.

Here the city or community is named in which the contact is located.

The country is designated by its two letter abbreviation according to the ISO-3166 code list.

The telephone number at which the contact can be reached.

The fax number at which the contact can be reached.

The address for making contact by electronic mail.

A SIP address for Internet telephony can be entered in this field.

Here the domain holder can enter additional information, which will be shown when the domain is queried.

Name server:
In the field "nserver" a name server entry is shown. When name server entries are used, a minimum of two name server addresses are listed.

In the field "nsentry" an IN A-, respectively an IN MX-, entry is given.

The Dnskey attribute follows the format of the DNSKEY Resource Record. It is used for registering one or several Trust Anchors (Key Signing Keys) of the delegated domain. From the data, one DS-Record (Delegation Signer) is deduced respectively for distribution in the DE zone.