German Unification Day - Office Hours

Due to the public holiday German Unification Day, the DENIC head office in Frankfurt is closed on Monday, 3 October 2022. Of course, the 24/7service will be on duty and can be reached in case of an emergency.

On Tuesday, 4 October 2022, we are available again during regular business hours.


All News / Press Releases

Press Release 25 October 2001DENIC operates without Intent to realize a Profit

DENIC eG can again state without restrictions that it performs the registration of .de domains as a non-profit organisation without intent to realize a profit.

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Press Release 24 September 2001In general, DENIC only has to become active in Domain Name Disputes after a final Court Ruling

Supreme Court defines Prerequisites for Intervention of DENIC in Domain Name Disputes

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Press Release 24 July 2001DENIC not responsible for Web Content

Legal actions due to content on a homepage must be directed towards the domain name holder. DENIC as a registry is not the appropriate contact in these situations.

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Press Release 18 July 2001DENIC sees no Alternative to ICANN's Root Server System

There is no alternative to a binding and central root server system administrated by ICANN. This concise statement from a paper of ICANN president Stuart Lynn finds the German registry DENIC in full agreement.

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Press Release 18 June 2001Germany's Domain Strongholds located in South and West

DENIC eG presents first comprehensive geographical domain statistics - new German states trail in domain numbers

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Whats New

News DENIC Executive Board Member Tom Keller in a Radio Interview

How did it all start 35 years ago with the .de domains? How did the registry DENIC actually come into being and how does it work as a cooperative today? What does the future hold in store and how does DENIC promote a free and open network?

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Press Release 2021 DENIC Domain Statistics

Regional distribution of .de across Germany – Strong increase in .de domains again in 2021

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Press Release ICANN Meeting 2023 in Hamburg

DENIC, eco Association and the City of Hamburg as joint hosts of the 78th meeting of ICANN

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Press Release DENIC Internet conference looks at digitisation from different angles

18th edition of Domain pulse started today in Bonn with about 200 participants – Sascha Lobo keynote introduces to two days full of information and exchange about future perspectives of a digital world

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