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DENIC To Demerge Non-Member Business Areas From Parent Operations

DNS Anycast Services, Data Escrow Services and Direct Services to be pooled in new affiliate company

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Second Term of Office as Chair of CENTR Board of Directors for DENIC's CEO Dr. Jörg Schweiger

Dr. Jörg Schweiger als Vorsitzender Board of Directors des CENTR-Verbands wiedergewählt.

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60329 Frankfurt am Main

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14 June 2016ICANN Accredits DENIC as Third Party Provider of Registrar Data Escrow (TPP RDE)

With Data Escrow, DENIC will soon provide a new service to the DENIC registrars.

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7 June 2016Information on Faked Invoices

At present questionable invoices issued by ".DE Deutsche Domain", which claims to be a provider of domain registration services, are in circulation. These invoices are not related to DENIC in any respect.

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12 April 2016Thunderbird 45 Now Also IDNA-Compatible Due To DENIC Source Code Donation

DENIC has contributed part of the code for the new version 45 of the free e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird, which was launched on 12 April 2016: Thanks to this, Thunderbird now supports more special characters (IDNs) in e-mail addresses.

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31 March 2016DENIC Publishes 2015 Annual Report on ENUM

On 31 March 2016, DENIC has published the 2015 Annual Report on ENUM.

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8 March 2016DENIC Contributes Source Code for the Use of the German Letter "Eszett" ("ß") in Firefox 45

DENIC has contributed part of the code for the new version 45 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which was launched on 8 March 2016: Thanks to this, Firefox users can now address domains containing certain IDNs like the German "ß".

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