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DENIC and CISPA Conclude Scientific Research Agreement

Combining research and practice in the DNS environment– that is the aim of the cooperation between CISPA – Helmholtz Center for Information Security (in foundation) and the DENIC Cooperative.

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ID4me: A New Single Sign-On Standard for Web Applications Enabling Fully User-Controlled Data Sovereignty

The ID4me initiative, co-founded by DENIC, which is in the process of establishing an open, federated protocol for digital identity management on the Internet, gains momentum.

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30 June 2017DNS Servers for .de Categorised as Critical by German Regulation

With the enactment, on 30 June 2017, of the First Regulation amending the German Regulation on Determining Critical Infrastructures, DENIC comes under the German IT Security Act, within the scope of “Authoritative Name Servers”.

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10 April 2017RFC 8109 Rounds Off DNS Specification

All texts explaining how the DNS works contain a sentence like "... then the resolver sends the query to a root name server ...". But how does the resolver know these servers and what happens if their addresses have changed? The process to solve this problem is called "priming". Until recently it...

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2 March 2017Shaping the Internet of the Future: DENIC Employees as Representatives in Various ICANN Bodies

After DENIC's Policy Advisor was appointed ccTLD representative of the Root Zone Evolution Review Committee last autumn, DENIC's Chief Information Security Officer recently was elected to the Security, Stability & Resilience Review Team

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27 February 2017Secondary Anycast DUM Rate More Than Doubled by Integration of New Client .eu

Recently winning EURid, the operator of the .eu and .ею (xn--e1a4c) zones, as to-date’s largest customer for the shared use of its global anycast mesh, DENIC now provides DNS slave services covering some 6.5m domains for seven TLD clients.

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27 February 2017DENIC Fosters the Advancement of Agile Methods and Practices at Work

DENIC relies on agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban. To support the advancement and propagation of such dynamic working methods, we are sponsoring several specialist conferences of the agile community in 2017, the Scrum Day, the PM Camp Rhein-Main and the Continuous Lifecycle.

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