In the Limelight: Trends and Developments at .de in 2016

[Translate to English:] Kollage der Statistiken 2016

Numbers - Data – Facts

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Germany's capital Berlin becomes first-time .de millionaire in 2016. Learn more about the ranking of the German cities with the largest numbers of .de domain registrations here.


2016's national average in Germany is 183 .de domains per 1,000 inhabitants. Looking at the capitals of the German regions, you find that this value is exceeded even by cities with comparably small absolute domain registration numbers.

Regardless of size and organisational structure, the number of .de domains is constantly increasing in all German federal states. Take a look at the annual statistics to trace the trends and developments in all German states since 1999.

248 urban and rural districts exceed the federal percentage average of domain growth (0.49%) in 2016. You can download the data for all the 402 districts here.

The holders of .de domains are resident in all parts of the world. Our comprehensive press release on the regional domain statistics 2016 gives details about the trends and distribution with regard to domain holders whose principal residence is outside of Germany.