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Internet Governance Matters to Everyone!

What if artificial intelligence meets technical standards only, but no ethical ones? And how can big data be reconciled with the right to privacy? Issues like these and many more are dealt with in the sphere of ‘Internet governance’.

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Internet Governance Forum 2019 in Berlin

Netizens go ahead and join the live dialogue with politicians, IT experts and other people of action on the challenges related to the Internet of tomorrow: Welcome to the United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Berlin in November!

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DENIC Domain Map 2018

One in five persons in Germany has a .de domain. The latest DENIC regional domain statistics map their precise geographic distribution in 2018.

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There's a Touch of the Raiffeisen Cooperative Spirit in Every .de Domain

The management of the German namespace on the Internet and the provision of the necessary infrastructure has been a joint effort from the very first day. For more than 20 years, the concept of a cooperative has proven to be the right...

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