With our TRANSIT procedure we protect the domain holder from unintended loss of a domain. The TRANSIT procedure applies, if a domain is no longer administered by a provider.

Even if there is no provider for a domain, the domain will not be deleted out of hand and cannot be registered by anyone else while the TRANSIT procedure is ongoing. It is the domain holder who decides what shall happen with the domain. They can

  1. Arrange for a new provider to administer the domain in the future by carrying out a provider transfer
  2. Delete the domain by submitting a deletion request

To this end, DENIC writes to the domain holder and communicates the applicable TRANSIT password. With this password, the domain holder can initiate the next steps on our website

TRANSIT in a Nutshell

  • TRANSIT is a service that is provided for a limited period only.
  • The domain holder retains control of the domain while it is in TRANSIT.
  • DENIC does not charge any fees for a provider change or a domain deletion.