With our TRANSIT procedure we protect the domain holder from unintended loss of a domain. The TRANSIT procedure applies, if a domain is no longer administered by a provider. Even if there is no provider for a domain, the domain will not be deleted out of hand and therefore cannot be registered by anyone else while the TRANSIT procedure is ongoing. For the TRANSIT procedure to be performed, the domain is transferred to direct administration by DENIC and managed by the service DENICdirect.

The Essentials at a Glance

  • TRANSIT is a service that is provided for a limited period only. It shall protect against unintended loss of a domain.
  • The domain cannot be deleted immediately, the domain holder retains control of the domain while it is in TRANSIT.
  • The domain holder can either select another provider or request the deletion of the domain.
  • DENIC does not charge any fees for the provider transfer or the domain deletion.
  • DENIC does charge fees for administering a domain.

DENIC writes to the domain holder and informs them that their domain has obtained the TRANSIT status and explains the next steps to be taken. The domain holder must decide within a set period what to do with their domain:

  1. The domain holder can select a new provider to administer the domain in the future by carrying out a provider change,
  2. Delete the domain by submitting a deletion request, or
  3. Keep the domain administered by DENIC at charge.

With the TRANSIT letter, the domain holder receives a personal TRANSIT password, the domain holder can use to directly initiate the necessary steps in the TRANSIT Service Center.

Please Note!

For the TRANSIT procedure to work properly, the holder data stored in the DENIC database must always be up-to-date because the TRANSIT letter is sent to the address indicated in the database. If the letter cannot be delivered, the procedure is suspended. A termination without notice of the domain contract will be sent to the domain holder to the e-mail address stored in the DENIC database and the domain will be deleted in the end.