Coronavirus lockdown in Germany: DENIC support service remains available

The DENIC support staff currently works mainly on a mobile basis, but stays available to you as usual also during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. We kindly ask you to send us your service requests preferably by e-mail instead of using fax or post. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Nameserver Predelegation Check Web Interface

You can use the NAST Web interface to carry out a Nameserver Predelegation Check. During this check, the name servers of your zone (domain) will be subjected to various tests in order to verify that they are configured correctly and can be delegated easily and securely. This guarantees a high quality level for the domain.

Please enter the name of your domain in the form. Indication of the name servers is optional. If the name servers are not indicated, they will be retrieved automatically from the DNS. Of course this is only possible for domains that have already been registered.



The time required to verify a complete zone may amount up to 35 seconds.