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The DENIC support staff currently works mainly on a mobile basis, but stays available to you as usual also during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. We kindly ask you to send us your service requests preferably by e-mail instead of using fax or post. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


DENIC ID ― Now My Domain Knows How to Log Me In!

DENIC ID puts users in control of their digital identity. The DENIC ID is based on the open standard ID4me. With the DENIC ID service, DENIC and its members offer secure, data privacy-compliant, universal logins. The solution is innovative: The login is domain-based and completely independent of social media.

Information for Members

How DENIC ID Works

A DENIC ID authorises the user to access all online offers that accept ID4me compatible logins. It is left entirely to the user to decide which data they want to share with the respective provider when logging in.

Users Want Centralised Personal Data Management Under Their Own Control

Internet users have a multitude of accounts and related passwords for a variety of websites and online services, but they hardly have any control of their personal digital identity.

  • Having numerous individual logins is inconvenient and often leads to choosing insecure passwords.
  • The digital identity of a user is unmanageably scattered across the net.
  • Unwanted data transfer and tracking of social media logins undermines the users' trust.

Online Service Providers Need Simple Login Solutions

The situation is hardly any better for online service providers. Every new customer needs an account, but all too often users abort the registration process when they have to laboriously enter ever the same profile data again.

  • For online service providers, there is no real "open" alternative to proprietary single sign-on (SSO) solutions.
  • The need to create accounts during the onboarding process is an obstacle to gaining new customers.

Despite countless password apps, social media logins and isolated solutions for single sign-on, identity management on the net is in a rather poor state.

DENIC ID – Single Sign-On with my Domain!

The open and DNS-based ID4me standard links domains and digital identity. The DENIC ID service

  • Is part of an open, federated, single sign-on solution, based on the ID4me standard.
  • Enables users to login via one single account to all participating online services.
  • Leaves it to the user to decide which personal data they want to share with the individual online providers.
  • Offers online service providers access to an independent and data privacy-compliant solution for central user authentication.
  • Facilitates seamless onboarding of new customers for online service providers.
  • Meets the highest security standards attested by an independent penetration test: To Test Report.

This benefits users and providers alike.

Where can users get a domain-based ID?

1&1 Ionos is the first ID agent to offer the
DENIC ID service
based on the ID4me standard.


For Businesses: Winning New Customers – Smooth and Easy

Online marketing is successful when visitors to a website turn into customers – and successfully pass the hurdle of setting up a new account.

  • With a login based on DENIC ID, new customers simply bring their account along, complete with password and customer master data.
  • For login partners, it thus does not only become easier to win new customers – setting up complementary services with separate logins for existing customers is also facilitated and much more convenient for the customer.
  • Users have full control over their digital identity and decide personally, which of the centrally administered personal data they want to pass on to a new provider.

With customer master data being conveniently updated at a central point and the possibility for the login partner to take them over automatically, it is guaranteed that the data are always up-to-date and consistent throughout the entire ecosystem.

DENIC ID - An Attractive Complementary Service for a Domain

A digital identity on the basis of DENIC ID is a perfect add-on service for domains:

  • DENIC ID opens up a new possibility of using domains and gives reason to customers who do not yet have a website or their own e-mail domain to register a domain.
  • A DENIC ID identifier based on a domain held by the customer is the perfect solution for long-term use and self-governed digital identity.

What is the Role of DENIC and its Members?

DENIC is committed to and supports a free, open and secure Internet by actively promoting and developing open Internet standards. True to this commitment, the Cooperative is significantly involved in the design and implementation of the ID4me standard as a free and open single sign-on solution. DENIC is going to operate the DENIC ID Authority as of the market launch in spring 2019.

Members of DENIC can make available their own ID products as ID agents. In this role, they will be the contact for end user interested in using a DENIC ID.

Moreover, they can act as login partners and offer their customers the comfortable registration solution with a DENIC ID.

To learn how to get started with DENIC ID as a DENIC member, go to the member section.

ID Agent

  • DENIC ID as an add-on service for domains
  • Registration of DENIC IDs with the DENIC ID Authority
  • Use of a dedicated API for managing DENIC IDs
  • Creation of DNS entries (DNSSEC-secured) for DENIC ID
  • Provision of released user data to login partners
  • Designing own digital identity products on the basis of DENIC ID
  • Customer relation to the user of the digital identity
  • Integration effort: medium

Login Partner

  • DENIC ID as a login option
  • Simple onboarding of new customers with DENIC ID
  • Account information can conveniently be filled in in advance due to released user data
  • No separate password management required
  • Integration effort: low

We have compiled detailed information for our members on contract arrangements and technical aspects of DENIC ID on the DENIC Member Webpages.

Code libraries made available for a multitude of languages and environments will facilitate integration into existing systems, especially for login partners.

What Distinguishes DENIC ID from Other Login Solutions?

There are several other offers in the field of digital identity. Some are designed as closed systems, even though they use OpenID protocols, whereas others are configured much more openly and thus rather are a supplementary offer to ID4me than competing with it.

DENIC ID distinguishes itself from other options on the market by the following characteristics:

  • Open, federated infrastructure, accessible by a multitude of providers and interoperable via the ID4me standard
  •  The digital identity is linked to a domain.
  • Users can choose their identity provider freely, determine their provider independently via their domain and the DNS and move to another provider, if they like.
  • Full transparency for the user when it comes to passing on personal data
  • No hidden tracking by the DENC ID provider or the DENIC ID authority