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ENUM, which is derived from the term "telephone number mapping", bridges the gap between telecommunication and the Internet. With ENUM, a whole range of different communication services may be identified and addressed through a single telephone number. By making use of this protocol, you need no longer keep track of the numerous options to get into contact with the people you want to talk to. On the basis of the domain name system (DNS), which you know from websites and e-mail addresses, ENUM ensures that the appropriate devices for issuing a message are automatically selected. Thus, an incoming fax will be sent to a fax machine, a call may be directed to a fixed-line phone, a mobile phone or a voicebox.

For ENUM domains under .9.4.e164.arpa the DENIC ENUM Domain Guidelines and DENIC ENUM Terms and Conditions do apply.

In addition to some general information about how ENUM works and what kinds of services may be implemented with it, the following pages will also tell you how to register and administer your own ENUM domain. We also describe the COMPLAINT process which is used to find out whether an ENUM domain is registered for the legitimate holder of the corresponding telephone number. Moreover, you will find all presentations and lectures held so far on DENIC's ENUM Days here.

The answers to the most commom questions about ENUM can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions". Of course, we will also be happy to answer any questions you may send us by e-mail to enum@denic.de.