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TRANSIT is the name that DENIC gives to a procedure, which makes sure that a domain holder does not lose their domain if it ceases to be administered by a DENIC member.

Here is some background information:You as the domain holder usually have asked a provider to request registration of your domain by DENIC. This provider either is a DENIC member themselves or cooperates with a DENIC member. This DENIC member will handle all communication with DENIC concerning the domain. The member "administers the domain".

DENIC writes to the domain holder and communicates them their TRANSIT password. The domain holder can now use this password on a personalized webpage (transit.denic.de)

  • to generate a provider change password (AuthInfo) for their domain for the change to the DENIC member who is going to administer the domain in the future
  • or to request the deletion of the domain

This procedure ensures that the rights of domain holders to their domains are safeguarded.

In the TRANSIT Service Center domain holders whose domains are currently in TRANSIT will find all relevant information.