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Provider Change with AuthInfo

As from 2 February 2010, the password-protected AuthInfo procedure will be the only valid procedure. With this procedure domains can be moved quicker, more securely and more efficiently than with the old asynchronous procedure.

The Workflow


  1. A domain holder who wants to change providers requests their current provider to initiate creation of an AuthInfo for the domain concerned. Often the AuthInfo is already communicated with the confirmation of the provider contract cancellation. Validity of the AuthInfo expires after a maximum period of 30 days after the creation date.

    Details about generating and storing the AuthInfo

  2. Now the domain holder communicates the AuthInfo to their new provider. The new provider sends a provider change request with the AuthInfo to the DENIC registration system.

    How to Carry Out the Provider Change with AuthInfo

  3. If the recorded and the transmitted AuthInfo are identical, the domain is moved to the new provider without any further delay.