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ENUM Domains

Provider Transfer

Changing providers for an ENUM domain is possible at any time. Please keep in mind that the one-year registration period of your ENUM domain will restart after a provider transfer.

Our standardised Provider Transfer Procedure ensures that your ENUM domain remains registered without interruption.

To change providers for your ENUM domain, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Contact Current and Future Provider

To change providers, please contact your current provider directly. Tell your new provider to take charge of administering the domain.

Step 2: Validation and Request

The new provider will check that the requested provider transfer has really been initiated by you as the domain holder or your legal representative and not by any third party. The new provider will also verify that the domain holder is the legitimate holder of the corresponding telephone number (Validation). Subsequently, your new provider will submit the formal request for a provider transfer to DENIC.

Step 3: Processing of the Request

DENIC sends your provider transfer request for confirmation to the member currently administering your ENUM domain. This member will also check whether it has received a corresponding notification by you. If so, the DENIC member will return your acknowledgement to DENIC. If not, the member will return your rejection to DENIC.

If DENIC does not receive an answer within three working days, we send a reminder to the DENIC member who is still in charge of the domain. If there is no reaction to this reminder, DENIC takes this as confirmation that the member who has been in charge so far recognises the check by the future provider as correct.

The provider transfer will then be carried out and the data entries will be updated. At present, the provider transfer is usually completed after five days at the latest.

Factors That May Lead to Delays

If there is any doubt, the member or provider will reject the transfer, so as to prevent misunderstandings or even misuse. The provider will try to contact you to seek clarification. This may become necessary if:

  • You have given notice to your provider, but the provider has not yet informed the responsible DENIC member.
  • You have forgotten to give notice of termination.
  • The DENIC member has been unable to contact you.

Once things have finally been cleared up, the DENIC member can still acknowledge the transfer that has been rejected initially. The data of the member in charge will then be updated immediately.

Accessibility of ENUM Domains During a Provider Transfer

Whether or not your ENUM domain is accessible during an ongoing provider transfer procedure does not depend on DENIC, but on the arrangements that you, as the domain holder, have made with your providers (both the old one and the new one).

If your old provider ceases to provide the services before the new one starts to provide them, using the domain might not be possible, though it remains continuously registered in your name.