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DENIC ENUM Domain Guidelines

Please note: The English translation of the DENIC ENUM Domain Guidelines is provided for the convenience of our non-German-speaking customers. Regardless of this, only the original German-language version is legally binding.


DENIC eG (hereinafter: DENIC) administers and operates ENUM Internet domains under the domain in the capacity of registry. It does so without any profit motivation, for the benefit of everyone with an interest in the Internet.


Applications for domains can only be submitted through DENIC members. They will only be processed if the domain applied for is in conformity with the conditions contained in point V and if all the particulars required according to points VII-X have been supplied completely and correctly


DENIC will register the domain, provided it has not already been registered for someone else, provided the necessary technical conditions have been set up for the its connectivity and provid ed the DENIC member concerned is convinced that the (future) domain holder is indeed the legitimate holder of the telephone number corresponding to the domain.


When registration is successfully completed by DENIC, the domain contract comes into being between the (future) domain holder a nd DENIC. The domain contract is subject to DENIC's ENUM Terms and Conditions.


Apart from component, a domain is comprised solely of numerals (0 to 9), which are ordered one at a time and ar e separated from each other by single dots. The domain must correspond to a telephone number whose legitimate holder is the (future) domain holder, in such a way that its digits that come before the com ponent contain the digits of the telephone number in reverse order, including the area dialling code or other network access code, but without the leading zero. The only domains permitted are those that correspond to geographic telephone numbers, mobile wireless numbers in the (0)15, (0)16 and (0)17 ranges, national numbers ((0)32), national free-phone numbers ((0)800), personal numbers ((0)700) or service numbers (018)


For each domain, DENIC registers not only the domain holder (point VII), but also an administrative contact (point VIII), a technical co ntact (point IX) and a zone administrator (point X), alon g with the technical data for the domain’s connectivity.


It is the domain holder wh o is DENIC's contractual partner and thus the holder of the material rights to the domain. It is possible for a domain to be held jointly by more than one holder. Unless the domain holder or at least one of the joint holders is a natural person, the full name of the legal person (or ganization) must be given (including the indica tion of its legal form). In addition, the full postal address of the domain holder or, in the event of joint holders, the fu ll postal address of at least one of the joint holders must be communicated; a postofficebox number does not constitute a full postal address.


The administrative contact (admin-c) is the natural person appointed by the domain holder as their authorized representative and who has the authority and also the duty towards DENIC to take binding decisions on all matters concerning the domain. It is not possible to appoint more than one admin-c for each domain. If the domain holder or one of the joint holders is a natural person, they are completely at liberty to assume the function of admin-c themselves. The following particulars must be communicated for the admin-c: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. If the domain holder is not domiciled in Germany, the admin-c is then also the person authorized to receive the service of official and court documents for the purposes of § 184 of the German Code of Civil Procedure and § 132 of the German Code of Criminal Procedure; in such a case, the admin-c must be officially domiciled in Ge many and must supply their full postal address


The technical contact (tech-c) looks after the technical side of the domain. The tech-c may be either a named natural person or a group of people with an abstract designation (a so-called role account, such as “DENICHostmaster”). The following data must be communicated for the tech-c: name, address, telephone number, telefax number and e-mail address.


The Zone Administrator (zone-c) looks after the name servers for the domain; the zone-c is subject to the same rules as the tech-c (Point IX).