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About DENIC – Become a Member

Which Documents Do I Have to Submit?

If you are interested in becoming a DENIC member, please read the DENIC Statutes and make yourself familiar with the rights and obligations going along with the membership. Below you find information on the next steps you must take when you have decided to become a DENIC member.

1 Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please send the signed original Non-Disclosure Agreement together with the required supporting documents (copy of excerpt from the commercial/trade register of your company or your passport/identity card) by post to

Business Services
Kaiserstraße 75 - 77
60329 Frankfurt am Main

As soon as we have received these documents, we will provide you with the access data for our secure website section. Here you will find further information on becoming a DENIC member.

2 Original copy of the Declaration of Joining

(together with all the enclosures listed therein)

We will send you the Declaration of Joining upon request by e-mail to DENIC Business Services, stating "Declaration of Joining" in the reference line. Please enclose the following documents with the Declaration of Joining:

3 Excerpt from the commercial/trade register/
   register of residents; and

4 The company's articles of association/ statutes (if any)

We need the company's articles of association to verify that your company is actually engaged in domain administration and to check if you are affiliated with other DENIC members. This condition does not apply for natural persons or sole proprietorships.