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DENIC Member Training Courses

We regularly hold DENIC training courses for our members. The basic training is a two-day course. Here, we tell you about the processes and specifics of the DENIC registration system and give you a deeper insight into the details. Being a DENIC member, you will be granted access to the training documents and the training registration form on our member website.

The course fee for two of your staff members is already included in the processing fee. The training courses are held at least once a month and there is a written Acceptance Test at the end.

As soon as you or one of your staff have successfully completed the training course, we will send you the countersigned Agreement about the Use of the Cooperative's Services and you will be granted access to our registration system.

Please note that the training course and the Acceptance Test must be completed successfully within three month from your admission to DENIC. Otherwise, you will have exceeded the deadline set in the Agreement about the Use of the Cooperative's Services. This would mean that you would be excluded from the Cooperative as of the end of the ongoing financial year.