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PRESS RELEASE: For an open, secure and stable Internet: DENIC takes a stand on the future of Internet Governance

The central registry of the German country code Top Level Domain .de, DENIC, has prepared in collaboration with the German government and other German interest groups a position paper with recommendations for action for the future stewardship of the so-called IANA functions. Central guidelines of this paper are a clear advocacy of the multistakeholder model, maintaining the security, stability and resilience of the Domain Name System, and upholding the openness, decentralization and interoperability of the global Internet. The German government and DENIC further explicitly support in the paper that rules on country-code Top-Level Domains – in particular including .de – continue to be made solely within the respective country in accordance with relevant national rules and legislation.

PRESS RELEASE: Net-in-motion – Highlights of the specialist congress of the Internet industry "Domain pulse" in Berlin

More than 350 visitors attended this year's specialist congress "Domain pulse" on 26 and 27 February in Berlin. DENIC as the organizer of the event welcomed Peter Schaar, MP Christian Flisek and experts of the industry to topical Internet policy debates. The issues on the agenda included the general climate in the context of Internet Governance, the pros and cons of regulating large commercial online services like Google and Facebook and an assessment of the power of the digital agendas in Germany and Europe, all to be discussed from a governmental and civil-society point of view.

PRESS RELEASE: DENIC implements secure and confidential e-mail communication based on DANE and DNSSEC

DENIC eG is among the early adopters who have implemented the technology labelled DANE with the objective to secure e-mail communication. DANE is a powerful tool to encrypt data traffic between mail servers and to verify the identity of the involved servers, in a reliable manner. The .DE top level domain has been signed with DNSSEC since 2011 already, when DENIC established one of the fundamental bases paving the way for the practical use of DANE, in Germany.

Welcome to DENIC eG!

DENIC is the central registry for all domains under the Top Level Domain .de and thus responsible for managing and operating an  essential resource for a reliable German Internet. In addition to providing an automatic electronic registration system for administering .de domains, DENIC operates  a network of name servers geographically dispersed all over the world that ensures 24x7 availability to more than 15 million .de domains globally. Together with its members, DENIC thus tackles a demanding technical task.

In October 2014, DENIC has taken another step towards sustainable security by having its information and security management system (ISMS) certified in accordance with the provisions of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard through the German certification body TÜV Nord.

The DENIC website shall help you to get a better grasp of DENIC and of what domain management means. Here you find detailed information about the registration and administration of .de domains, fundamental procedures, like changing providers or the TRANSIT scheme as well as about ENUM, the bridge from telecommunications to the Internet.

If you want to learn more about domain administration, go to the Background section. Here you find all types of information related to domains, information on how the Domain Name System (DNS) works and where DENIC's name servers are located as well as comprehensive statistics and charts demonstrating the development of .de domains.

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