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PRESS RELEASE: GoToÄgäis or GoToAegaeis – German umlauts in .de domains

In March 2004, the German Internet registry DENIC introduced special character domains or so-called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). Today, 93 characters are available for domain names under .de. Like a country code, IDNs support national identity in the World Wide Web and guaranty linguistic diversity. Thanks to providing the possibility of using the characters of one’s mother tongue in domain names, IDNs also contribute to equality in the cyberspace.

PRESS RELEASE: The homes of .de domains - DENIC domain map 2013: The regional distribution of .de domains in Germany

DENIC, the registry for .de domains, annually presents the results of regional domain statistics. As at 31 December 2013, it shows more than 14.5 of the about 15.6 million .de domains, whose holders are resident in the 402 cities and districts of Germany. The statistics provide data on all administrative districts and incorporated cities within Germany as well as maps and diagrams showing the absolute and the relative distribution of .de domains among German domain holders and those from abroad.

PRESS RELEASE: New management team at German Internet registry DENIC

The management team of the central registry and technical operator of the German country code Top Level Domain .de, DENIC, is reorganized: DENIC's Supervisory Board appointed Dr. Jörg Schweiger, who has been Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of DENIC since 2007, new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with effect from 1 March 2014. The newly created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be assumed by Andreas Musielak as of the start of May 2014.

Welcome to DENIC eG!

DENIC is the central registry for all domains under the Top Level Domain .de and thus responsible for managing and operating an  essential resource for a reliable German Internet. In addition to providing an automatic electronic registration system for administering .de domains, DENIC operates  a network of name servers geographically dispersed all over the world that ensures 24x7 availability to more than 15 million .de domains globally. Together with its members, DENIC thus tackles a demanding technical task.

The DENIC website shall help you to get a better grasp of DENIC and of what domain management means. Here you find all information you need about the registration and administration of .de domains. We also explain fundamental procedures, like changing providers or the TRANSIT scheme. In addition to that, you find detailed information about ENUM, the bridge from telecommunications to the Internet.

If you want to learn more about domain administration, go to the Background section. Here you find all types of information related to domains. Learn, for instance, how the Domain Name System (DNS) works and where DENIC's name servers are located. We also make available charts demonstrating the development of .de domains as well as comprehensive statistics.

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