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Upgrade of public-whois in Test Environment


After a comprehensive revision, a new version of the public-whois information query service is available for public testing in the test environment whois.test.denic.de since 2 June 2010 . According to current planning, the new whois is scheduled to replace the current whois server (whois.denic.de) on 29 June 2010.

The consolidation measures did not only include a revision of the whois architecture but also an optimization of its functions: Systematic elimination of inconsistencies and simultaneous standardization of the parameter and output syntax make the new whois much more user-friendly.

An initial impression of the amendments and innovations is conveyed by a special information page which can be viewed online at www.denic.de/en/background/whois-service/changes-within-public-whois.html . Also accessible via this page is the new public-whois documentation with detailed explanations of all important items.

For testing purposes, a series of test domains is available which mirror all the potential domain statuses.

The test whois server can be accessed via whois.test.denic.de .