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Comparison of international Domain Numbers

Here you find the domain numbers of the ten largest Top Level Domains. Data are updated on a monthly basis and rely on information published by the corresponding registry.

Date: End of December 2014 (or latest available data)

Top Level Domain Domains Worldwide
.com 116,251,628
.tk* 27,788,094
.de 15,811,430
.net 15,143,932
.cn 11,213,770
.uk 10,524,296
.org 10,534,047
.info 5,523,864
.nl 5,527,685
.ru 4,867,752

 *.tk is the country-code domain of Tokelau, a small group of islands and a territory of New Zealand. Domains under .tk are offered free of charge for an initial period. Once expired, they are used for advertising purposes by the registry operator (an investor), until they are registered again. Thus, no clear geographical relationship exists between .tk domains and the territory of Tokelau.

Number of domains for the largest Top Level Domains
Number of domains for the largest Top Level Domains